If you thought that Friday, July 31st was the last day to get your proposals
in for a LITA sponsored program at ALA Annual 2010...I hope you got them in
because we're excited to look at them.

BUT: If you are running a little late, or forgot about the deadline, or were
thinking about it but just didn't get around to filling out the form...this
email is for you.

We've extended the deadline TWO WEEKS, to August 14th. That is as late as we
can push it back, and still have time to review and get our programs in to
ALA for consideration.

So: you've got a reprieve, but it's not for long. Get those program
proposals in! LITA members are doing some of the most exciting and
innovative things in libraries..come and tell people about them!

My initial email with locations of form and other information is below.

Jason Griffey
Chair, LITA Program Planning Committee

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Date: Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 11:06 AM
Subject: ALA Annual 2010 Call for Programs - Redux
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LITA Committee Chairs, IG Chairs, and other technically inclined library

This year, the LITA Program Planning Committee, in an effort to modernize
the workflow for planning programs for ALA Annual, has moved the process
entirely online! The following is the form that you can fill out if you are
interested in proposing a program via LITA for ALA Annual 2010, June 24-30th
in Washington, DC:\

The form will be available at the above link, on ALA Connect (, on LITABlog (, and anywhere else
we can embed it.

Once you submit your program proposal, the Program Planning Committee will
be in touch with you by the middle of August, 2009. The soft deadline for
submitting proposals to LITA for a program for Annual 2010 is July 31st,


*If you have questions about anything relating to programs at ALA Annual,
there is a public discussion board on ALA Connect designed just for that:

You do have to have an ALA Connect login, but you do not have to be an ALA can register as a non-ALA member and still ask questions of the
PPC. If you are an ALA member, you can login to Connect using your ALA login

If you have any problems that the Connect group doesn't solve (or you have
other issues), you can email me directly, Jason Griffey, at
[log in to unmask] or find me on Twitter at @griffey. But please try to use
the forum first. :-)

*What can you submit*

I am well aware of the challenge inherent with planning technology
programming a full year in advance of the conference. Feel free to be a
general as you need to be in describing your program on first draft...we can
always approach you and ask you for details as we move through the process.

But you do *not* have to have every speaker booked, and every topic decided,
to put forward a proposal. Have a topic area, a theme, an idea for where you
think tech will be? Go with it.

*Who Can Submit Proposals*

There is one more difference in the process this year that everyone should
be aware of. In the past, all programs were driven by Committee and Interest
Group submissions, with each group effectively submitting one program. While
the PPC is happy to get submissions from these groups, it is *NOT NECESSARY
*to be backed by a group in order for LITA PPC to examine and forward your
proposal for a program.

If you, as an individual member, have a great idea and want to be
considered, please put in a proposal. If you and two friends want to throw
your hats in the ring, please do. If you aren't a LITA or ALA member _at
all_ and think you have the best idea for a program at ALA Annual in the
history of technology, fill out the form!

Library Society of the World, Code4Lib, and other library groups: here's
your chance! Please participate and share with us! Let LITA give you a stage
for your ideas. If you have an idea worth putting in front of 300 people at
the largest gathering of librarians in the world, we are interested in
giving you that opportunity.

Bring it.

Jason Griffey

Chair, LITA Program Planning Committee

PS: if you made it this far, and know of other library groups for whom this
would be applicable (anyone focusing on technology and libraries), please

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