How many people here work in a library where medicine is a topic of  
interest, and how many of those are familiar with OpenPHI [1] and/or  
HealthLibrarian [2] ?

OpenPHI is a start-up company who is using open source software to  
harvest and index open access content for the purposes of creating  
useful indexes to medical information. For example, they have   
collected content from MEDLINE, Biomed, and other peer-reviewed sites  
to create a pretty comprehensive and competitive index called  
HealthLibrarian. Lots o' content!

I'm not sure of all the details, but the folks at OpenPHI are looking  
for librarians like ourselves (hackers) to integrate HealthLibrarian  
into their library offerings -- a possible alternative or supplement  
to the indexes we are already providing. I think they are offering  
free trials to their index through Web Services interfaces sans the  
advertising, etc.

Being a new company and very open to all things... open, I believe the  
folks at OpenPHI are open to constructive criticism on how to provide  
viable library services to... libraries.


Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame