Thanks, Eric. I hadn't heard of these. We'll check it out.
Another interesting one is Mednar (who named this thing?) - a medical
open access federated search engine launched by fed search veterans Deep


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> How many people here work in a library where medicine is a topic of 

> interest, and how many of those are familiar with OpenPHI [1] and/or 

> HealthLibrarian [2] ?
> OpenPHI is a start-up company who is using open source software to  
> harvest and index open access content for the purposes of creating  
> useful indexes to medical information. For example, they have   
> collected content from MEDLINE, Biomed, and other peer-reviewed sites
> to create a pretty comprehensive and competitive index called  
> HealthLibrarian. Lots o' content!
> I'm not sure of all the details, but the folks at OpenPHI are looking
> for librarians like ourselves (hackers) to integrate HealthLibrarian 

> into their library offerings -- a possible alternative or supplement 

> to the indexes we are already providing. I think they are offering  
> free trials to their index through Web Services interfaces sans the 

> advertising, etc.
> Being a new company and very open to all things... open, I believe
> folks at OpenPHI are open to constructive criticism on how to provide
> viable library services to... libraries.
> [1] 
> [2]