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> As far as
> languages, I'd probably lean towards ruby or python for starters or
> maybe Java.  Then move into php after you have a grasp of good
> programming practice.  You'll also figure out more what you like to
> work on.

Given the plaintive tone of the original post, I disagree with this
advice.  Development is almost solely based on confidence and
experience (with the latter affecting the former and vice-versa).
"Good code" is secondary.

I would almost certainly say start out with a procedural scripting
language (or at least a procedural approach) that is more common and
Googleable (PHP immediately comes to mind).  The nice thing about
something like PHP, in my mind, is that it's incredibly easy to see
immediate results without having any real idea of what's going on
(that being said, I have _no_ idea what Wayne's background might be --
perhaps this advice is too novice).  As many others have replied, it's
so much easier to learn by solving an actual problem (rather than
following the 'pet store' example in your tutorial) and, in my mind,
PHP is the easiest way get off the ground.  Successes breed confidence
to take on bigger projects, etc.

Once you've realized that this stuff isn't rocket science, /then/
break out the theory, find a different language (perhaps more suited
to the task at hand -- or not!) and think about good code.

Rob Styles sent this to my delicious account the other day (I'm not
sure what he was trying to tell me):

which I think sums up the arc pretty well.