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JHOVE2 2009 Fall Workshop
Wednesday morning, October 7, 2009 -- 9:00am-1:00pm (09:00-13:00) PDT
Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco
Register at <>

The JHOVE2 project team is organizing a free public half-day workshop
held in conjunction with the 2009 iPRES conference at the San Francisco
Mission Bay Conference Center.

The JHOVE2 project <>,
a collaborative effort of the California Digital Library (CDL), Portico,
and Stanford University, is a two year initiative funded by the Library
of Congress as part of its National Information Infrastructure
Preservation Program (NDIIPP) to develop a next-generation application
and framework for format-aware characterization. The project seeks to
build on the success of the original JHOVE characterization tool by
addressing known limitations and offering significant new function.
These enhancements include:

* Streamlined APIs
  - Increased modularization
  - Common module design patterns
* Object, rather than file, focused characterization
  - Support for arbitrarily-nested container formats and formats
instantiated across multiple files
* Signature-based identification
* Rules-based assessment
  - Support for determinations of acceptability in addition to
validation conformity
* User configuration of modules, characterization strategies, and
formatted results
* Performance improvements

The JHOVE2 workshop will be held on the Wednesday morning following the
conclusion of the iPRES conference. Members of the project team will
present on:

* The role of characterization in digital curation and preservation
* An overview of the JHOVE2 project
* Demonstration of the prototype JHOVE2 framework
* Architectural review of the JHOVE2 application and Java APIs
* Integration of JHOVE2 technology into existing or planned systems and
* Third-party development of conformant JHOVE2 modules

Although the workshop is free, registration is required and
participation is limited to 70 people. To register for the JHOVE2 2009
Fall Workshop please visit <>.

JHOVE2 2009 Fall Workshop
Wednesday morning, October 7, 2009 -- 9:00am-1:00pm (09:00 - 13:00) PDT
Register at <>

Fisher Banquet Room East
Mission Bay Conference Center at UC San Francisco
1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, CA 94143-3008

Other related events coordinated with iPRES and the JHOVE2 workshop
include an open meeting of the International Internet Preservation
Consortium (IIPC, October 7), an open meeting of the International DOI
Foundation (IDF, October 7), PREMIS Implementation Fair (October 7), and
a meeting of the Sun Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group
(PASIG, October 7-9).

* iPRES 2009 "Moving Into The Mainstream, Enabling Our Digital Future"
* IIPC "Active Solutions for Preserving Internet Content"
* IDF "Ensuring Persistence"
* PREMIS Implementation Fair
* PASIG <> 

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