I'd like to second the Joan Frye Williams nomination, mostly because I know
of few people with such a practical bent and I think it would be helpful to
hear her perspective on what library coders might be able to do to help the
largest number of people.

Also, I'd like to ask the ad hoc committee if they are capturing these
nominations somewhere. May I suggest the wiki, where we can all see them?
It's too difficult to keep track of all the email. Thanks,

On 7/23/09 7/23/09  6:02 PM, "Karen Schneider" <[log in to unmask]>

> I am making a meta-comment that I for one appreciate the additional
> pre-vote discussion and that the voting booth is where I vote *after I
> have gathered input for my voting decision.*
> Mark Pilgrim would be cool, though I for one don't actually hear Cliff
> Lynch all that often, not where I go, and so he's a treat for me.
> She's not a developer-type, but Joan Frye Williams has a lot of
> insights that she might be willing to turn towards the issues C4L
> discusses. They might not be what we want to hear, but sometimes
> that's a good thing.