Hi everyone

Just a quick plug for a developer competition that's being run by the JISC funded MOSAIC ("Making Our Shared Activity Information Count") Project in the UK:

The usage data can be found for download via:

...and the "Data Collection Guide" explains the XML format of the data:

At present, it's just book usage data from the University of Huddersfield that's available to play around with, but we're hoping that it will be joined by some usage data from a few other UK academic libraries in due course.

As the XML usage data files are pretty big (i.e. opening them in Internet Explorer is a sure fire way of killing a PC!), I've put together a quick & dirty API for grabbing subsets of the data:

Tony Hirst (from the Open University in the UK) has done a helpful blog post here:

In terms of the competition, it's open to anyone (i.e. not just developers based in the UK).  The prizes are in UK sterling and the competition is being run according to UK law (just in case competition laws vary from country to country).

Have fun!

Dave Pattern
Library Systems Manager
University of Huddersfield

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