we have similar issues at duke. for redesigns that i've led i remind them 
often that user-centered design means that we serve the patron (faculty, 
students, and staff beyond the libraries).  i point out that there are 
resources like intranet and aleph for staff to find work-related 
information and conduct more advanced catalog searches (can't search call 
numbers in our endeca interface).  staff are more supportive of this than 
they were when i got here three years ago but they still ask for things 
like more prominent links to the duke homepage and to the staff directory. 

one way to generate buy-in is to ask them for help writing questions, 
conducting testing, and analyzing feedback from assessment activities. 
admittedly, i tend to get the same four (wonderful) people but i remain 
hopeful about eventually engaging others.  :-)

we've also diffused some dissatifisfaction with the u/i to our 
implementation of endeca a couple of summers ago by conducting focus 
groups for staff.  i find this a more efficient way to get staff feedback. 
 we found that most of the concerns were valid and because they were 
largely cosmetic we were able to make changes to the css to address those 
issues quickly.

finally (sorry i get chatty on fridays) we have recently upgraded our 
mobile usability testing hardware and created an on-site lab.  we have 
several activities planned for the fall and next spring having to do with 
our search interfaces.  we'll post notes on activitites and findings if 
anyone's interested.  i'd also be interested in sharing info with 
libraries who've already conducted studies on their faceted searching user 
interfaces and/or have explored implementing a single search feature.

have a great weekend-


Debra Hanken Kurtz
Head, Digital Projects Department
Perkins Library
POB 90198
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0198

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Re: [CODE4LIB] Library Website Redesign Info and Project Plans

I second Susan's point that user testing is the way to balance the staff 
user perspective. We had tests(or methods of providing input, like 
with BOTH groups, sometimes the same one but had people identify to which
group they belonged. This way we had data to back up our assertions that
library staff want different things from a library website than the other
user groups.


Beth Black 
Systems Librarian and Assistant Professor 
Head, Web Implementation Team 
Ohio State University Libraries 
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Columbus, Ohio 43202-4500 
(614) 688-5428 
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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Library Website Redesign Info and Project Plans

Oh, I forgot to mention (Eric's post just reminded me of this) that I've 
found user testing to be the best way to balance that staff v. user 
perspective issue. You probably already know this, but I thought I'd at 
least throw it out there. Even if you do "guerilla" user testing, at 
least you have some data to use when you meet with staff, who often have 
a different perspective on what should be on the homepage :D

- susan

Rosalyn Metz wrote:
> Susan and Beth,
> I'd love to see a project plan and/or write up if you have one.  I'm
> really curious how people handle the gathering information piece and
> balance staff v. user perspectives.  And I'm sure as I begin actually
> writing a plan I'll be curious about many of the other things people
> did.
> Rosalyn
> On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 7:32 AM, susan teague rector <[log in to unmask]>
>> I second David's book choice - I've done 3 redesigns at my library 
>> the 3rd right now) and i have referred to the process in this book
>> times.
>> I typically follow an iterative approach to writing and executing my
>> plans; however, it's difficult to get away from traditional waterfall
>> methodology and our plans sometimes fall back into that mold - I can 
>> you a copy of a proj. plan if you're interested
>> Cheers,
>> Susan
>> VCU Libraries
>> |
>> Walker, David wrote:
>>> My wife really likes "Web Redesign: Workflow that Works", by Kelly 
>>> Emily Cotler.
>>> The second edition is called Web Redesign 2.0.
>>> --Dave
>>> ==================
>>> David Walker
>>> Library Web Services Manager
>>> California State University
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>>> Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Library Website Redesign Info and Project 
>>> I just came across this yesterday:
>>> Very high-level and usual systems design approach, but with some good
>>> web-specific tips thrown in.
>>>>>> Sean Hannan <[log in to unmask]> 09/16/09 10:20 AM >>>
>>> We're currently in the middle of a library website redesign as well.
>>> For the most part, we have framed our project using Jesse James
>>> Garrett's The Elements of User Experience
>>> (
>>> ).  It has been immensely helpful in plotting out our work from the
>>> User Experience touchy-feely end to the Information Architecture to
>>> the visual design and implementation.
>>> -Sean
>>> ---
>>> Sean Hannan
>>> Web Developer
>>> Sheridan Libraries
>>> Johns Hopkins University
>>> On Sep 16, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Rosalyn Metz wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I'm about to embark on a library website redesign.  I've started
>>>> thinking about creating a project plan, but I honestly don't know
>>>> where to start.
>>>> I saw this website redesign presentation Lorcan Dempsey tweeted 
>>>>  And
>>>> started thinking, I wonder if anyone else has similar slides or
>>>> project plans or advice.  I of course asked the Google but I didn't
>>>> really find any project plans.  (If you're curious what I did find,
>>>> take a look here:
>>>> I do of course realize that every library is different, but I'm 
>>>> that any information you all might be able to provide could help get
>>>> the juices flowing.
>>>> Thanks for your help in advance.
>>>> Rosalyn
>>>> Rosalyn


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