On 16 September 2009, Rosalyn Metz wrote:

> I'm about to embark on a library website redesign.  I've started
> thinking about creating a project plan, but I honestly don't know
> where to start.

Lots of good stuff in this thread which would have helped me with 
something smaller that I'm just wrapping up now.  We redid our home page 
and applied our university's standard page template to our site.  We're 
doing post-change follow-up usability testing now to iron out final bugs.

The User Experience Group's plan is here:

Most of the documents linked are behind a password, but if you're really 
interested drop me a note.

The thing that proved to be most helpful was that we kept everyone up to 
date on what was going on as we worked.  At the major librarian monthly 
meeting we'd report on the latest survey, on the latest usability testing, 
on what the wireframes looked liked, and so on.

We had one (two?) meetings open to everyone who worked in the library (and 
you know what the librarian/staff division is like) where we showed what 
we had, why we had it, and asked for comments and feedback.  One really 
interesting thing that happened there was that when crazy or bad ideas 
came up, they'd be shot down by people not in the home page working group. 
This worked out very well.  It also means that if people didn't come to 
the meetings but didn't like things later, well, they'd had their chance.

We went slowly but that's what universities are like.  Think what you may 
of the end result, as a project it went very smoothly.

William Denton, Toronto :