On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 6:22 PM, [Chris Stockwell] <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Montana State Library has about 4000 objects (state publications) to upload
> to the Internet Archive and Open Library. Would like to automate as much of
> this as possible. For each object, I need to produce to an upload folder named
> with unique identifier. In this folder, among other things, I need to put the
> upload object and a metadata xml file which I intend to crosswalk from a marc
> record (a .mrc file).
> We are SirsiDynix shop (running on top of Oracle) and otherwise have a
> windows environment (but would like to hear about whatever process works
> regardless of platform). I am attracted to the z3950 interface for pulling marc
> record data which I then propose to crosswalk to the metadata xml file
> required by the Internet Archive.
> Getting the .mrc file can be done manually using a z3950 client. However, I
> want to address the z3950 client in a script loop and pull and process .mrc
> data for each object. Can this be done? It appears yaz can be controlled from
> the command line and that I might be able to loop it using the shell? Not sure
> however if this can be done from a dos shell. If not, other thoughts are in
> order about what might be the best way to do this? Thanks ...

Just use zoomsh.