Dear Code4Lib Community

read the METS based OpenMIC - OpenWMS announcement (July 9th) with  
great interest.

It points at a need beyond METS creation and that is METS Viewers for  
end users:

who in the CODE4LIB community is working on METS Viewer applications ?

Here is an example of what we mean by that - the DFGViewer:

Anyone else ?

Background: the International Institute for Social History [ http:// ]  has such collections that we are involved with both  
the archiving and library communities.  Metadata issues therefore are  
a mixed bag. Added to that are Permanent Access issues. We are  
looking at METS to tie it all together and at METS Viewers for our  
users to easily navigate and negotiate what 's pulled together in  
these METS containers.

Thanks, Repke de Vries