I agree with others who have recommended Jesse James Garrett's work. We are
in the roll-out phase of our CMS implementation/redesign and I relied
heavily on Garrett's book in the early phases.  We took an iterative
user-focused approach within a broad phased project plan, making sure we had
user voices in each step in some form. (We relied on work by Jakob Nielsen,
Steve Krug,, and others.) Our public face for communicating
progress was a blog: Internally, we kept
our project plans in dotProject, which doesn't have the best method for
outputting the whole plan to share. I plan to write it all up at some point
and will be happy to share with you and the list if there is interest.

I'll be presenting about the CMS Selection and Implementation part of this
project at the LITA National Forum in a few weeks, so that's where I'm
starting on the writing up part. Once the presentation is finished I'll be
able to share that if you are interested. 

I hope this helps!

Beth Black 
Systems Librarian and Assistant Professor 
Head, Web Implementation Team 
Ohio State University Libraries 
610 Ackerman Rd, Room 5855 
Columbus, Ohio 43202-4500 
(614) 688-5428 
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Library Website Redesign Info and Project Plans

Hi All,

I'm about to embark on a library website redesign.  I've started
thinking about creating a project plan, but I honestly don't know
where to start.

I saw this website redesign presentation Lorcan Dempsey tweeted about:  And
started thinking, I wonder if anyone else has similar slides or
project plans or advice.  I of course asked the Google but I didn't
really find any project plans.  (If you're curious what I did find,
take a look here:

I do of course realize that every library is different, but I'm hoping
that any information you all might be able to provide could help get
the juices flowing.

Thanks for your help in advance.



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