Sorry for any cross-posting annoyance.  I have a request for a 
Greenstone collection I'm working on, to add context snippets to search 
results; for example a search for "yak culture" might return this in the 
list of results:

... addressing the fine points of <strong>yak culture</strong>, the 
zoosociologists took into account ...

Sounds like a pretty basic feature, say our sponsors, and I agree.  (Ah, 
it's also an old Trac ticket at

I see that GS out-of-the-box is set *not* to store the fulltext in the 
index, which seems to be a prerequisite for this kind of thing, as in .  Has anyone modified the Lucene indexing wrapper 
locally to do this?

Given that we don't have any Java coders on staff, I've started porting 
the Lucene wrapper to PHP for use with a and 
Zend_Search_Lucene.  I already have a PHP frontend, so adjusting that to 
display the results shouldn't be a problem; OTOH because the frontend is 
PHP, I'm restricted to using buildtype lucene, or something else with 
good PHP support.

Many thanks,

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