My wife really likes "Web Redesign: Workflow that Works", by Kelly Goto & Emily Cotler.  

The second edition is called Web Redesign 2.0.


David Walker
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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Library Website Redesign Info and Project Plans

I just came across this yesterday:
Very high-level and usual systems design approach, but with some good
web-specific tips thrown in.

>>> Sean Hannan <[log in to unmask]> 09/16/09 10:20 AM >>>
We're currently in the middle of a library website redesign as well.
For the most part, we have framed our project using Jesse James
Garrett's The Elements of User Experience
).  It has been immensely helpful in plotting out our work from the
User Experience touchy-feely end to the Information Architecture to
the visual design and implementation.


Sean Hannan
Web Developer
Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University

On Sep 16, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Rosalyn Metz wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm about to embark on a library website redesign.  I've started
> thinking about creating a project plan, but I honestly don't know
> where to start.
> I saw this website redesign presentation Lorcan Dempsey tweeted about:
>  And
> started thinking, I wonder if anyone else has similar slides or
> project plans or advice.  I of course asked the Google but I didn't
> really find any project plans.  (If you're curious what I did find,
> take a look here:
> I do of course realize that every library is different, but I'm hoping
> that any information you all might be able to provide could help get
> the juices flowing.
> Thanks for your help in advance.
> Rosalyn
> Rosalyn