On Wed, 28 Oct 2009, Roy Tennant wrote:

> David,
> Could you elaborate a bit? In my mind, the only "semantic web technology" of
> any note is "linked data". How that fits into "library search" is anyone's
> guess, and I'm wondering what, specifically, you're referring to when you
> say that Talis is active in this area.
> If you are asking about library linked data, then there are several
> examples, most notably the Library of Congress[1], the Swedish Union
> Catalogue [2], and OCLC[3][4]. I believe that a minimum both the Library of
> Congress and OCLC plan on releasing more linked data sets.
> So can you elaborate a bit more on what, exactly, you're seeking? Thanks,
> Roy
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

For some other information on what other groups are doing in this regard, 
the DCMI (Dublin Core) just had a meeting in Korea two weeks ago, with the 
theme "Semantic Interoperability of Linked Data"

And there was a CENDI/NKOS workshop that I attended last week, that 
featured many of the same speakers.

Both sites have presentations linked from their sites.  I can forward on 
my notes from the CENDI/NKOS workshop, but I'll warn you in advance that I 
wrote them for a different intended audience (folks on an interoperability 
project that I'm attached to), so I might've trimmed some stuff that's of 
general interest to folks in libraries, while bringing out stuff that 

The CENDI folks are all US Government, but there seems to be a wider range 
of people in NKOS.  I don't know how much of it fits into the typical 
'library' definition, other than the Library of Congress stuff that was 
already mentioned.