My apologies for the extremely short notice. There is a Vocabulary
Camp taking place at the Library of Congress all day tomorrow and part
of Saturday (Oct 30-31). All are welcome to attend. More information
is available at:

Vocabulary Camps are un-conferences [1] that have been taking place
around the world to help folks learn more about using RDF to make data
available on the web. It just so happens that some of the key people
behind the Linked Data movement will be on hand (Richard Cyganiak, Tom
Heath and Chris Bizer) -- so there might be an opportunity to learn
more about the publishing side of things as well.

The room should seat up to 100 people, and only 30 or so people have
signed up, so definitely feel free to attend, or drop by at any time.
I imagine around 4-5 people will start dropping out to go to the Bar,
so if that part sounds more interesting please feel free to show up
then as well :-)