Eric Hellman wrote:
> Are you arguing that reCaptcha cannot be accessible or that it is  
> incorrectly implemented on this site?

Primarily that it is incorrectly implemented.  However, I've yet to
see an implementation of recaptcha that is accessible and does not
needlessly insult users with impaired vision.  Even the one on includes the fully-abled=human insults.

> Usually recaptcha is a good example of a robot blocker that is  
> accessible to print-disabled users.

My impairments are quite mild (short-sighted with some contrast/light
problems - the photo on my website is a few years old, before I had to
wear my glasses all the time - oh vanity and laziness; and hearing
problems in one ear) but still recaptcha is a pain in the eye.  Maybe
it's worse for impaired users, than print-disabled ones like you?

> The notion that javascript cannot  
> be used in an accessible website is obsolete (it's not 2000 any more).  
> There are javascript techniques that make sites inaccessible, just as  
> there are html techniques that make the site accessible. There are  
> javascript techniques that INCREASE accessibility.

Of course there are, but surely even the most enthusiastic javascript
advocate accepts that the sites using javascript in ways that harm
accessibility far outweigh the numbers using it well today?  So, it's
reasonable if script execution permission defaults to denied and is
enabled site-by-site for now.

However, I wasn't complaining about the javascript use, just noting
that you might find it easier to start seeing the "check you're a
human" nastiness by switching javascript off.  "View Source" might
work just as well, depending on how it has been implemented.

> I've recently been learning about accessibility issues [...]

Thank you.  I wish everyone did.  I've been learning about
accessibility issues since my eyesight started to deteriorate and my
hearing was damaged.  This isn't an add-on issue for me.  It's vital
for web use.

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