Yes, running 

ppm install MARC-Record

will do the trick. I have never encountered a gotcha running MARC::Record and friends on ActiveState.


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----- "Eric Lease Morgan" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I need some advice about ActiveState Perl and MARC::Batch.  
> Specifically, once I install ActiveState Perl on a Windows computer, 
> will I be able to install MARC::Batch and all of its friends as well?
> I wrote a Perl script that summarizes the content of sets of MARC  
> records. My fellow catalogers have discovered MARCEdit, but they need 
> my program in order to analyze their content. Yes, I could give them a
> command-line to a Linux host, but the ActiveState Perl approach may be
> better.
> Can I install MARC::Batch on a Windows computer running ActiveState  
> Perl, and if so, then what are some of the things I need to watch out 
> for?
> -- 
> Eric Lease Morgan
> University of Notre Dame