Are you arguing that reCaptcha cannot be accessible or that it is  
incorrectly implemented on this site?

Usually recaptcha is a good example of a robot blocker that is  
accessible to print-disabled users. The notion that javascript cannot  
be used in an accessible website is obsolete (it's not 2000 any more).  
There are javascript techniques that make sites inaccessible, just as  
there are html techniques that make the site accessible. There are  
javascript techniques that INCREASE accessibility.

Good resources:

I've recently been learning about accessibility issues (read my blog  
to learn how selling p-only books may one day be unlawful)

On Oct 1, 2009, at 10:21 AM, MJ Ray wrote:

> Andrew P wrote:
>> Also worth mentioning is a new site that
>> allows you to organize web links with custom URLs.  It was created  
>> by a library programmer and has
>> discovery tools so that bookmarks are easily retrievable. [...]
> I'm surprised that a library programmer has put the "We need to make
> sure you are a human" Google-reCaptcha insult on their sign up page.
> It's even on their contact form, so we can't even tell them about it.
> (If you don't see the messages which suggest disabled users are not
> humans, try disabling javascript - javascript is usually disabled by
> default with because it's confusing when things you don't
> see perfectly start moving themselves around the page.)
> I strongly suggest people don't promote until they drop
> reCaptcha.  The "re" should stand for "remove".
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