In a recent Chronicle article about next generation catalogs, which also 
talks about Summon, [1] I saw a comment about the University of Virginia 
developing a mobile service which presents integrated results from 
Serials Solutions Summon and Blacklight. That comment has been removed 
from the article (weird!), but I also see a note about this on the UVA 
mobile site [2].

I am curious about how this will be accomplished, and figuring there are 
at least a couple of representatives on this from Virginia. Is this 
problem being solved by adding catalog records to Summon, or is there 
something more complicated happening? It initially sounded to me like 
there was integration of results across Summon and Blacklight happening, 
but it looks like perhaps I misread?

Regardless, any clues on when the new mobile site will be available?



Emily Lynema
Associate Department Head
Information Technology, NCSU Libraries
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