As some of you know, the RDA registrars have been working with the
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek to enable a German language translation of
the RDA elements and vocabularies to be available using the same
mechanism as the English original.  Today, Veronika Leibrecht, who's
been working on this, added a new post to the Registry Blog
( giving some information on how that
process looks close up.  A bit of a taste:

    /"A prerequisite for the registering of our terms in the NSDL
    Registry and one of the greatest challenges for the German National
    Library at the moment is the translation of the RDA elements and
    vocabularies.  Since bibliographic description is executed with a
    highly specialised vocabulary, we are finding that the process of
    finding the appropriate terms is interesting but also highly
    involved. Although the existing German rules for bibliographic
    description (RAK) and the authority files for subject headings
    (Schlagwortnormdatei, or SWD) have plenty of vocabulary to offer as
    equivalents to Anglo-American cataloguing terminology, RDA does
    include concepts relatively new to bibliographic description."


Do take a look a the post--comments and conversation welcome.

Diane Hillmann