Hi all, apologies for cross-post from con list:

My conference proposal last year was turned down b/c of our budget
crunch, and I'm wondering what I can do to increase the likelihood of
approval this year.  I'm wondering if anyone in a similar situation
would be interested in the idea of an NYC metro carpool for the ~12
hour drive to and from Asheville in Feb?  If someone has a car
available (I don't) we could use it, or else rent a car if we had at
least, say, 4 people.  (Also perhaps this wouldn't be as feasible for
the luggage-heavy travelers among us.)

We would have to discuss whether to go for the precons or not.
My estimation of car rental + gas is roughly $500 total for a 5-
seater, so figure about $100 per person with five.  Airfare, by
contrast, is about $300.  I would suggest that each person put in a
deposit of $75, so in case of one or more bailouts, no one gets stuck
paying for (much) more than expected.  If all bail, all get the money

There's no telling until prob. after registration whether MPOW will
give me registration & hotel money, so I might myself bail; if it does
go through, I'd be up for renting & driving.

Any interested parties?

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