I had the same problems with MARC:Charset and MARC:File:XML.  Had to compile them myself using Microsoft's nmake program.

Here's my less-than-ideal notes.  I may have missed some things at the end here, too.  Sorry, I switched to using yaz-dump instead, since that did what I wanted.

1. Install ActiveState Perl
2. Download and unpack 'nmake' from microsoft [1] drop files in perl/bin
3. Restart the computer (to get the env varirables set)
4. Lanuch ppm from the command line, install:
     * marc-record
     * xml-sax
     * xml-sax-expat
5. Run this from the command line to fix an oversight in the ppm install
 perl -MXML::SAX -e "XML::SAX->add_parser('XML::SAX::Expat')->save_parsers()"
6. Download and unpack MARC::Charset and MARC:File:XML
7. Go into each of the directories created for those and issue this from the command line:
 nmake test
 nmake install

Hope this is useful.


[1] -- this page describes how to use it and provides a link to the MS site where you can download it (for free).

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On Thursday, October 01, 2009 2:02 PM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
>Specifically, once I install ActiveState Perl on a Windows computer, will I be able to install MARC::Batch and all of its friends as well?

I have no problems running ActiveState Perl with the MARC::Batch/MARC::Record distribution set of modules. The only problems I've experienced were with MARC::Charset and MARC::File::XML. I haven't had a significant need to use these modules, but when I attempted to install them, if I recall correctly, I had trouble with the XML parsing modules/dependencies/set-up. Someone with more experience working with XML parsing modules would likely be more successful.

Also, when installing MARC::Lint and MARC::Errorchecks through ppm, I believe ppm may complain or fail to install one of the modules due to the overlapping MARC::Lint::CodeData module included with both.

After installing the MARC::* modules using ppm, I'll usually manually update all of the .pm files with the most recent copy (from SourceForge), placing each in its appropriate spot in C:\Perl\site\lib\MARC\. I believe this manual process may be part of the source of my problems with Charset and XML (though for those, I have attempted to follow the official/standard automated installation process).

I hope this helps,

Bryan Baldus
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