Could you elaborate a bit? In my mind, the only "semantic web technology" of
any note is "linked data". How that fits into "library search" is anyone's
guess, and I'm wondering what, specifically, you're referring to when you
say that Talis is active in this area.

If you are asking about library linked data, then there are several
examples, most notably the Library of Congress[1], the Swedish Union
Catalogue [2], and OCLC[3][4]. I believe that a minimum both the Library of
Congress and OCLC plan on releasing more linked data sets.

So can you elaborate a bit more on what, exactly, you're seeking? Thanks,


On 10/28/09 10/28/09  7:31 PM, "David Kane" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I was wondering if anyone was aware of semantic web technologies being
> used in the context of libraries and library search?
> I know that Talis are active in this area.  Does anyone have links to
> any specific resources or projects that they know of in this area?
> Thanks,
> David.