> Could you elaborate a bit? In my mind, the only "semantic web
> technology" of any note is "linked data". How that fits into
> "library search" is anyone's guess, and I'm wondering what,
> specifically, you're referring to when you say that Talis is
> active in this area.

I'm sure there are some Talis people out there who could give a fuller run down of what the company are doing in this area, but as examples:

Developing and supporting RDF Triple store technology (aka 'The Platform')
Exposing "reading list" information as RDF via their Aspire product
Contributing to relevant Ontologies - including discussions of/contributions to BIBO, resourcelist and AIISO ontologies
The demonstrator of use of RDF/Semantic tech/Linked data for library data

Roy has already noted the excellent work happening at the LoC (the Chronicling America as Linked data as well as the LCSH mentioned), Libris (Swedish Union cat) and OCLC. The work being done to develop an RDA ontology ( is probably worth a mention, as is the work being done on a Zotero->Bibo mapping

The BRII project at Oxford (not quite library specific, but relevant) might also be of interest.

So, there is quite a bit going on at the moment in this area. The question of 'library search' I think can be seen at several levels - since we have library data expressed as RDF and examples of this being searched, I guess we can say that examples of library search based on semantic web technologies exist. What I think we are missing is anything 'web scale' (I'd be very happy to be corrected on this if there are good examples!). In a recent blog post Alex describes how linked data might be used in a library context (, including a nice (I think) idea of what cataloguing might look like. This type of approach would allow us to take advantage of the data being exposed by VIAF/ etc. and start to create links between our systems - which I where I see the real interesting possibilities starting to emerge.

Finally, probably also worth mentioning that both Yahoo and Google are (I believe) using RDFa embedded in HTML pages - which also points to some interesting possibilities for search - and libraries if we expose our data in this format.


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