Hi Everyone,

I have recently taken over the administration of my library's CONTENTdm
installation, and am currently completing the upgrade to the 5.x
version. (This upgrade also involves a migration to Linux.) I have a
question that may be best answered by the more technical audience on
this list rather than through the product's listserv.

In CONTENTdm 4.x, it seems that a number of configurations could only be
accomplished by directly modifying PHP scripts that contained
significant amounts of logic. As I will be making customizations on this
system soon, I want to create a system that will allow me to rollback
files when I inevitably make a serious mistake, as we have no formal
testing server. I have decided to try loading key application files into
a svn repository to accomplish this. (I'm sure there are some adamant
CVS or Git users out there who will have strong opinions about my choice
of software.) However, because of the way the application is
architected, there are some key parts of the application that I do not
want loaded into the repository, such as temporary files that store a

Because I cannot simply load the whole application into a single
repository and call it a day, I am looking to make some top level
directories separate repositories. However, I want to skip top level
directories that will never, or only very rarely be modified and focus
on building repositories for directories that will benefit from change
control. I am currently looking at creating repositories for docs and
conf. Does anyone out there who administers a CONTENTdm installation
have any thoughts about this?


- David

David Cloutman <[log in to unmask]>
Electronic Services Librarian
Marin County Free Library 

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