Ex Libris Mid-Atlantic User Group Meeting

November 5 & 6, 2009  


The Ex Libris Mid-Atlantic User Group promotes the exchange of ideas and
innovation between users of all Ex Libris products (Aleph, Voyager, SFX,
MetaLib, DigiTool, Verde, and Primo) in New York, New Jersey, Delaware,
and Eastern Pennsylvania.  In addition, we invite users from any other
state or country.

The annual Ex Libris Mid-Atlantic Users Group (EMA) Meeting will be held
at Binghamton University's Downtown Center in Binghamton, New York on
November 5th from 9am to 6th till 2pm, 2009. 


Hotel and meeting registration is open! 


Information is available on the official conference website at:  
Early Registration ends Thursday October 22nd. 
Online Registration ends on Tuesday, November 3rd  Midnight, after which
only on-site registrations will be accepted.  


Registration includes two breakfasts and two lunches.  


We invite potential moderators to submit proposals for a total of three
Roundtable discussions. List your topic(s) on the conference
registration form


There are some discounted hotel rooms available at the Holiday Inn.
Make your reservations today.  


If you are driving to Binghamton and are willing to take passengers,
please provide some details for carpooling on the registration form.

The program includes:


Ex Libris Presentations

*         Ex Libris Update and Overview of product plans - Susan
Pastore, VP Business Development and Greg Gosselin, Sales Account
Manager for the North East, Ex Libris

*         Unified Resource Management System Update - Susan Pastore, VP
Business Development and Greg Gosselin, Sales Account Manager for the
North East, Ex Libris

Plenary Session

*         User Research at the University of Rochester's River Campus
Libraries: Using an Anthropological Approach to Build a Better Catalog -
Nora Dimmock, University of Rochester River Campus Libraries

Roundtable Discussions

Breakout Sessions 1

*	Digital Preservation: The Next Library Frontier (General) -
Edward M. Corrado, Binghamton University Libraries
*	Scholarly Communications: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
(General) - Elizabeth Brown, Binghamton University Libraries
*	Global changes, loading records and database maintenance in
Aleph - Sandy Card, Binghamton University Libraries

Breakout Sessions 2

*	Text Messaging from Voyager OPAC - Yongming Wang, The College of
New Jersey
*	Pre-"viewing" Poetry via the Aleph Library Catalog - Bern
Mulligan & Edward Corrado, Binghamton University
*	Extending Metalib to Meet our Users: Making Metalib available at
the point of need - LibX, iGoogle, Facebook and custom ad hoc deep
linking - Sarah Witte, Breck Witte, Susan Marcin, Columbia University
*	Conducting an Inventory of the collection (Voyager) - Debbie
Pluss and Mark Sandford, William Paterson University 

Breakout Sessions 3

*	Build for the Library with Drupal (General) - Katherine Lynch,
Drexel University Libraries 
*	Creating Custom Services in Aleph - Natalie Sturr, SUNY Oswego
(State University of New York at Oswego)
*	Customizing WebVoyage 7 Tomcat - Peter MacDonald and Ken Herold,
Hamilton College Library 
*	Marrying Voyager, SFX and Meridian data : how to identify what
you really have - Janet Lute, Princeton University

Breakout Sessions 4

*	EL Commons: Using the Voyager Developer Zone - Ken Herold,
Hamilton College 
*	Voyager Acquisitions: Automate Your Ordering - Carol Fagundus,
Princeton University
*	Creating OCLC cataloging macros, letting the script do the work
for you ( Aleph) - Tony Tersmette, Binghamton University Libraries

Lightning Talks
Optional Tour of the Libraries

Your attendance and participation is very much appreciated!


EMA Planning Committee