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October 5th is the last day to register online via the conference
websitefor the 2009 International Conference on Dublin Core and
Applications (DC2009) to be held from 12 through 16 October 2009 in Seoul,
Korea. On-site registration will be available while the conference is in

This year's conference focuses on the *Semantic Interoperability of Linked

*DC**- 2009 Special Sessions on Linked Data* information can be found here:

The main conference is taking place from Tuesday through Thursday, 13 to 15
October. Keynotes, plenary presentations and public working-group meetings
will be held in parallel on topics ranging from:

   - Metadata principles, guidelines, and best practices
   - Metadata quality, normalization, and mapping
   - Conceptual models and frameworks (e.g., RDF, DCAM, OAIS)
   - Application profiles
   - Metadata interoperability across domains, languages, and time
   - Cross-domain metadata uses (e.g., recordkeeping, preservation,
   institutional repositories)
   - Domain metadata (e.g., for corporations, cultural memory institutions,
   education, government, and scientific fields)
   - Bibliographic standards (e.g., RDA, FRBR, subject headings) as Semantic
   Web vocabularies
   - Accessibility metadata
   - Metadata for scientific data
   - Metadata in e-Science and grid applications
   - Social tagging
   - Knowledge Organization Systems (e.g., ontologies, taxonomies, authority
   files, folksonomies, and thesauri) and Simple Knowledge Organization Systems
   - Ontology design and development
   - Integration of metadata and ontologies

For registration, program, accommodation information and more, please go to
the links below:

·         DC- 2009 home page:

·         Program:

·         Registration:

·         Accommodation:

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