On 29 Oct 2009, at 11:02, O.Stephens wrote:

>> Could you elaborate a bit? In my mind, the only "semantic web
>> technology" of any note is "linked data". How that fits into
>> "library search" is anyone's guess, and I'm wondering what,
>> specifically, you're referring to when you say that Talis is
>> active in this area.
> I'm sure there are some Talis people out there who could give a  
> fuller run down of what the company are doing in this area, but as  
> examples:
> Developing and supporting RDF Triple store technology (aka 'The  
> Platform')
> Exposing "reading list" information as RDF via their Aspire product
> Contributing to relevant Ontologies - including discussions of/ 
> contributions to BIBO, resourcelist and AIISO ontologies
> The demonstrator of use of RDF/Semantic  
> tech/Linked data for library data

Well done Owen you saved me a few keystrokes there.

I would add to your list that the Software-as-a-Service semantic  
Platform [] underpins the Talis Prism  
OPAC, Talis Aspire resource list system, and Talis Engage community  
information system.  All three providing live services for large  
public and academic libraries, demonstrating that these technologies  
can be robust, scalable and reliable.

Although not library focussed uses of the Platform, it is also being  
used to drive innovation by the BBC and, in providing  
SPARQL query end-points on to publicly available data in RDF form.

There has been a recent thread on the NGC4LIB list, stimulated by an  
interview with Tim Berners-Lee [ 
], that covers much around semantic web and libraries.  As is often  
the case on that list, the thread wanders far and wide (with the  
almost obligatory stop off in FRBR-land).  I have put together some of  
my thoughts from the issues raised by it, in a recent blog post "Will  
Linked Data mean an early end for Marc & RDA" [ 

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