The opportunity to submit a proposal for a 20-minute prepared talk at
the 2010 Code4Lib Conference in Asheville, NC has now closed. We
received 47 great proposals in what must surely be our best year ever
for talk submissions.

Voting on these proposals is now open to anyone who has registered at (accounts are freely available to anyone). Head to the
voting site as soon as possible to ensure that your username and
password work as expected.  Enter your login to vote;
should you run into any difficulties authenticating, do not hesitate
to contact myself <[log in to unmask]> and Ryan Wick
<[log in to unmask]>.

Here is the ballot:

To vote, assign any number from 1 to 3 for any talk for which you wish
to vote; 1 means "would somewhat like to see this" and 3 means "I
would be disappointed NOT to see this OMGOMGOMG". You may change your
vote as often as you wish until voting closes.  "Vote early, vote
often" really is our motto.

The vote will remain open through 12:00AM (midnight) Eastern on
December 1, 2009.  This tends to trip folks up, so just to clarify: I
am referring to the very minute of 11:59PM Eastern on November 30,
2009.  Don't expect to vote on 12/1!

Track voting results by hopping on to the #code4lib IRC channel on the
Freenode network and typing @talks2010.  Or check it over the web:

Thanks to Ross Singer for doing the ballot dance, to Roy Tennant for
lolcat-herding, and to various individuals from whom this call for
voting was plagiarized!