On Nov 13, 2009, at 11:42 AM, Walter Lewis wrote:

> On 13 Nov 09, at 11:25 AM, Bess Sadler wrote:
>> 1. Morning session - solr white belt
>> [delightful descriptions snipped]
>> 2. Morning session - solr black belt
>> 3. Afternoon session - Blacklight
> Is there any chance that the black belt session needs to be/should  
> be a two parter and run through the afternoon as well?  ... or  
> repeat for those who have just acquired their white belts but are  
> headed in different directions?

I'd hate to miss the Blacklight session myself though!

How about a compromise?  In that I'll do the morning advanced Solr  
session as proposed and then gladly make myself available for the  
remainder of the conference for any folks that have specific questions/ 
issues with Solr.