Release 2.4 of Project Blacklight is now available in our new Git  
flavor!  You can find the new improved flavor of  Blacklight at

In addition to our move to Git, we have listened to community feedback  
and have changed the installation process. Instructions for  
installation are at 
.  In broad terms, Blacklight now uses a template to get required gems  
at installation time rather than bundling them in with the code.

Besides our debut in Git and the move to a template, here are the  
changes for release 2.4:

Release Notes - Blacklight Plugin - Version 2.4


[CODEBASE-54] - rake gems:install does not work (using template now)
[CODEBASE-111] - Ae and Oe ligature characters are not normalized  
[CODEBASE-131] - Getting error from rails on startup that VERSION is  
already defined
[CODEBASE-134] - Authlogic error
[CODEBASE-135] - Fall back on net_http when curb gem is not present  
when using RSolr
[CODEBASE-138] - A copy of ApplicationController has been removed from  
the module tree but is still active
[CODEBASE-160] - why isn't the email and SMS working on
[CODEBASE-170] - Blacklight logo cannot be over-ridden
[CODEBASE-178] - 3 specs fail when run with rake solr:spec ... no idea  
[CODEBASE-187] - bookmarking seems to be broken in the latest code

[CODEBASE-87] - Gracefully handle solr errors
[CODEBASE-172] - demo - solr config - only build spell dictionaries on  
optimize, not on newSearcher / firstSearcher
New Feature

[CODEBASE-3] - exporting to Zotero
[CODEBASE-109] - sort by pub date in demo
[CODEBASE-182] - Rails "Template" installer instead of ./script/plugin
[CODEBASE-183] - Add cursor focus to the search box on the home page
[CODEBASE-190] - Cursor focus in search form on home page

[CODEBASE-51] - Design a basic advanced search UI - see Stanford  
[CODEBASE-70] - Need a plugin release as well
[CODEBASE-114] - demo index should have vernacular displayed
[CODEBASE-146] - Change stylesheet link in the HTML to media="all"
[CODEBASE-151] - get some dublin core test data
[CODEBASE-159] - get test data with call numbers
[CODEBASE-173] - marc_mapper.rb - no longer in synch with solrmarc;  
its presence is confusing.
[CODEBASE-176] - get continuous integration working again
[CODEBASE-177] - update demo app and readme at
[CODEBASE-186] - Implement Google Analytics on the main site