As a practical matter, I need to get my travel approvals and make my 
travel plans quite in advance. I can only get approval for a pre-conf I 
know about, so if a pre-conf comes too late, it won't be something I can 
possibly attend.

I expect I am not alone here.

I would suggest that you should plan to have the pre-confs _set_ (not 
just proposals received) by the time registration opens. Realistically I 
usually register first, and _then_ get my approval to go, figuring if I 
don't get approval I can always give up my spot.

Perhaps this is what you were already planning? As long as the pre-confs 
are actually determined by registration open, I think it's reasonable.  
Ideally they'd be determined in advance of registration though.


Kevin S. Clarke wrote:
> Someone asked a good question about deadlines for preconference
> proposals.  I didn't set one because I don't expect we'll reach the
> max number of spaces.  We will have to have all the proposals a week
> or so before registration though.  If we start pushing up against the
> amount of space that we have, I'll call for any last proposals (so
> that if we need to vote we can... I'm not expecting us to get that
> many though).
> Kevin