Dear David and Declan,

It sounds like you're both looking for "Solr White Belt" which I am  
planning to teach. Can't wait to see you there!

So, if we're going with this karate theme, does that mean I can make  
Declan do pushups when he acts out?

for the current pre-conf descriptions.


On 17-Nov-09, at 8:13 AM, David A. Faler wrote:

> I'd like a basic session as well.  Something for people like me that  
> hear Solr is great, but aren't even sure exactly what it is.
> Also, is there a conference price, or is it just the hotel room?  I  
> can't find anything on the website price wise other than $119/night  
> for the hotel.
> Thank you,
> David Faler
> IT Quality Control and Testing
> The Library Corporation
> ----- "Declan Fleming" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hi - I understand that getting a package up and running can be fairly
>> quick, but going over simple (then complex) examples really helps me
>> fully understand what's happening.  Remember those "perl by Example"
>> books?  I loved that approach to showing concretely what happens
>> every
>> step of the way.  It probably seems dead simple once you've climbed
>> the
>> learning curve, I just haven't had the time committed to do that yet,
>> especially in a space with people who could help me.
>> Yes, it IS all about me.  ;)
>> D
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>> On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 02:47:42PM +0000, Jodi Schneider wrote:
>>> If you'd be up for it Erik, I'd envision a basic session in the
>> morning.
>>> Some of us (like me) have never gotten Solr up and running.
>>> Then the afternoon could break off for an advanced session.
>>> Though I like Bess's idea, too! Would that be suitable for a
>> conference
>>> breakout? Not sure I'd want to pit it against Solr advanced
>> session!