We're working the nearly identical problem. If you want I can post the code
to the list when we've completed it.


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On 11/5/09 6:45 AM, "Michael Beccaria" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Demian,
> I tried calling the functions following the browser domready event and the
> browser load event. Same results. I'm actually just thinking about making a
> link that says "More Information about this title" and have it link to another
> page that gives the metadata from xissn. Seems like it's a bit easier and
> almost as effective...unless there is a solution I don't know about yet:)
> Mike
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> Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Jquery jsonp question
> In what context is the code running?  I haven't used jquery, so I can't give
> exact syntax, but other similar libraries have ways of attaching functions to
> events like "load" or "domready."  If your theory about the code running too
> quickly is correct, it might just be a matter of deferring execution until the
> document is loaded and ready to be manipulated.
> Also, a general tip -- if you haven't already, you might find it worthwhile to
> test your code in a variety of different browsers.  With weird timing bugs,
> you'll sometimes see distinctly different failures in different browsers and
> get different types of feedback.  It's often helpful to compare these varying
> results in order to track down the cause.
> - Demian
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Jquery jsonp question
> Hey all,
> I'm having some problems with some ajaxy stuff and was hoping someone
> can point me in the right direction.
> The project is as follows:
> I'm trying to take this page
> (
> 8EG4NK4X&C=test) and grab the issn and query my server which returns
> whether the issn is peer reviewed or not.
> I'm using jquery. Here is the piece of my js code that cycles through
> the issn numbers:
> if (allHTMLTags[i].className==theClass) {
>                         var originalTag = allHTMLTags[i].innerHTML;
>                         var issn =
> originalTag.replace("(","").replace(")","");
>                         alert('test');
> $.getJSON("
> ssn=" + issn + "&jsoncallback=?",function(json, textStatus) {
>                                 alert("test2");
>                                 allHTMLTags[i].innerHTML= "(" + issn +
> ") Peer Reviewed: " + json.peerreviewed;
>                         });
>                 }
>         }
> }
> The problem is if I remove the "alert" items that print out "test and
> "test2", the program cycles indefinitely, hits my server a million
> times, and freezes my browser. With the alerts, it works as expected. I
> suspect the script is running too fast and is unable to get a response
> from the $.getJSON query in time before it hits the innerHTML command.
> How is this usually handled in ajax stuff? I'm new to it all.
> Thanks,
> Mike Beccaria
> Systems Librarian
> Head of Digital Initiatives
> Paul Smith's College
> 518.327.6376