I've posted how we're adding the peer reviewed indicator to Serial Solutions
list on my blog (

It doesn't work quite the same but it works.


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> Both good ideas. Some of these pages are quite long so I don't know if ajax
> requests were plausible to begin with (speed wise). I'll post the results of
> what I did tomorrow (SerialsSolutions does a nightly update) so people can
> see. I'm happy to share the code if anyone wants to do something similar at
> their institution.
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> Graeme's advice was really good for making sure you are working with the
> right element, but that may only be half of the problem. If you are making
> more than a few AJAX requests here, you may just be spawning too many AJAX
> requests at the same time, trashing browser performance. I think if you put
> all of this code at the end of any other useful Javascript you have and made
> synchronous requests instead (see my other post), it might help. If it works
> but the page gets populated with peer review labels too slowly, you could
> mess around with counters or something so that you are only doing 3 or 5 or
> some amount of AJAX requests at once.
> Jason

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