On Nov 10, 2009, at 10:54 AM, Dan Chudnov wrote:

> A quick interjection to praise the wise folks at ND who host this list
> and whose listserv overlords (or they themselves?) saw fit to upgrade
> the listserv web front-end sometime past year or two.  Following
> Eric's page into "subscribers' corner" led me into a screen where I
> could actually set my settings the way I wanted for the first time  
> ever.
> Maintaining infrastructure for years is no mean feat, and modernizing
> ancient infrastructure is no meaner.  Many thanks to our gracious
> hosts for all their years of list support!

Dan, you're welcome, and for everybody else, one of the best places to  
begin when it comes to the Code4Lib mailing list is the following:

Fortunately, Google has also well-indexed our community.

Eric Morgan
University of Notre Dame