Both good ideas. Some of these pages are quite long so I don't know if ajax requests were plausible to begin with (speed wise). I'll post the results of what I did tomorrow (SerialsSolutions does a nightly update) so people can see. I'm happy to share the code if anyone wants to do something similar at their institution.

Mike Beccaria
Systems Librarian
Head of Digital Initiatives
Paul Smith's College

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Graeme's advice was really good for making sure you are working with the
right element, but that may only be half of the problem. If you are making
more than a few AJAX requests here, you may just be spawning too many AJAX
requests at the same time, trashing browser performance. I think if you put
all of this code at the end of any other useful Javascript you have and made
synchronous requests instead (see my other post), it might help. If it works
but the page gets populated with peer review labels too slowly, you could
mess around with counters or something so that you are only doing 3 or 5 or
some amount of AJAX requests at once.