This isnıt library-specific, but there seems to be enough common interest
that is it worth posting here

Iım looking for good ways to address fragments of a XML resource in a RDF
expression.  Specifically, Iım talking about pointing at an Xpath, something
like this:

leDesc/particDesc/listPerson/person/persName)' />

 Xpointer is an obvious option, but my impression is that it is dead in the
water, and isnıt seeing much use or development.  And I realize that this
approach compromises the resourceiness of the RDF, but the use case here is
pretty much limited to a single application framework.  Iım hoping to keep
it all in RDF without having to add another layer of abstraction.

The big difference between this case and the typical
http://domain/name#identifier example is that #identifier is assumed to be a
stable entity, whereas the xpath in this case is fuzzy ­ there could be
many, or no, persName elements.  So, any good options aside from Xpointer?

Thanks, Andy

Andrew Ashton
Senior Research Programmer
Center for Digital Scholarship, Brown University Library