Hi all,

It is time to reveal the details about the Brews Cruise social activity
planned for next Tuesday night at the Code4Lib 2010 conference [1]. Let's
keep list noise to a minimum, so folks who have questions about the details,
please e-mail me directly or, if it's discussion worthy, stick to the
code4libcon list.

First off, the event is full. Sorry if you missed the cut. We were forced to
set a limit of 48 persons due to that's the max number of folks that will
fit into two party buses, plus we don't want to overwhelm the staffs at the
breweries. There is, however, is a waitlist that someone started on the
sign-up page [2].

Secondly, I want to thank Talis [3] for stepping up and sponsoring a portion
of this event. Our first stop on the cruise will be a brewery slash pizza
joint and Talis has generously offered to pay for our pizza. Yay!

Cost & Payment options:
The cost for the cruise is $40 per person. You have two options for paying:
  1) Pay in advance by sending me $40 via PayPal.
  2) Bring $40 with you on the night of the cruise. I've been told they have
a hand-held credit card machine for the cash-strapped.

Anyone who wants to can pay via PayPal, but I need at least 16 people to
choose this option because the tour company wants to pre-bill my credit card
for a minimum of 16 guests. There should be no fees involved if the money
comes from your PayPal account or an associated bank account. The deadline
for paying in advance is EOD Sunday, February 21st.

If you wish to prepay via Paypal--you know you want to--here are the
  1) Go to
  2) Click on "Send Money"
  3) Enter [log in to unmask] in the "To" field
  4) Enter your own address in the "From" field (unless you're logged in)
  5) Click the "Personal" tab and choose "Payment owed" from the options
  6) Click "Continue"
  7) On the next page you can specify a message Subject of "Brews Cruise"

 - Pickup from the hotel is tentatively scheduled for 6:15pm. Those who
haven't pre-paid should try to get there a little early.
 - Stop #1 will be the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. where we will sample
16-20 different beers and consume our delicious, alcohol-absorbing,
Talis-sponsored pizza.
 - Stop #2 will be Highland Brewing Company, "Asheville's 1st and largest
brewing company"
 - Stop #3 will be the French Broad Brewery which "specializes in a variety
of European style beers."
 - Expected return to the hotel is around 9:30-10pm

Thanks for signing up! I think it's going to be a great time!


PS, did I mention Talis is paying for the pizza! Yay, Talis!
PPS, Talis employee, Ross Singer, will be attending the event. Be sure to
ask him about Platforms.