We have a fabulous slate of social activities lined up for this year's
conference in Asheville (thanks to, well, y'all).  But those of you
arriving on Sunday will notice there are no planned outings that
night!  Oh noez!  Well, I'm planning to spend my post-dinner time at
the Thirsty Monk [1].  It's a half-mile from the conference hotel, so
it's easily walkable/stumbleable.

I hope to run into some of you folks there.  If you're into Belgian
beer and a different pub atmosphere, do join me.


P.S. If you'd like to reach me via phone, my number is: the NJ area
code beginning with seven, followed by the numerically lower Santa
Monica (CA) area code, followed by the sum of the prior value added to
the number of the beast, padded with one zero.