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> Never experienced any problem with FogBugz sending email.

But do those emails follow the RFCs?  In particular, do they have
a full set of both MUST and SHOULD headers?

> Mail integration is fabulous. Ofcourse you can send email notifications,
> but it also accepts mails and automatically creates cases from them. It
> can even learn to categorize these cases as belonging to certain
> projects and also uses bayesian filtering to detect spam.
> You can send an email from a case and replies will automatically be
> linked to this case.
> If you send an email to fogBugz it will be added to the case when it
> finds the case number preceded by the word 'case' in the subject. It is
> certainly useful to try it out. [...]

As mentioned, I've tried fogBugz and changed supplier to avoid having
to use it.  I'm not sure if it was fogBugz or the supplier that was
broken.  It doesn't much matter when it's costing money.

RT will do almost all of the above (email notifications and receipt,
automatic task creation, email from a case, subject-line linking and
you can specify the prefix - watch the hilarity when two fogBugz
systems email each other), but I think the project categoriser thing
is an add-on and we use our regular spam filters (building it into
each email-connected application seems wasteful).

Hope that helps,
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