You're invited to an open discussion about Code4Lib Journal during Tuesday
breakout sessions.

Whether you're a reader, a prospective author, or a prospective editor, we
hope you'll join us to talk about the Journal!


PS - Here are some things we might or might not talk about... Add your own

Or grab a member of the editorial committee -- many of us are here in
Asheville this week:

   - Carol Bean, Federal Courts Libraries, Eleventh Circuit
   - Jonathan Brinley, Adelie Design
   - Edward Corrado, Binghamton University Libraries
   - Andrew Darby, Ithaca College Library
   - Tom Keays, Syracuse University Library
   - Emily Lynema, North Carolina State University Libraries
   - Kelley McGrath, Ball State University Libraries
   - Ron Peterson, University of Delaware Library
   - Jonathan Rochkind, Johns Hopkins Libraries
   - Jodi Schneider, DERI Galway
   - Ken Varnum, University of Michigan
   - Ryan Wick, Oregon State University Libraries