Hello All,

It seems that we have gotten our 50 people, and even surpassed it, so I
booked the place.  I may have to end up capping the list to 80, so if you're
on the fence about the whole thing, hurry up and decide.  If you're not
interested in a dinner time outing, then please please please take your name
off the list.

*When: *Wednesday, February 24th
*Time: *6:30pm
*Where:* 5 Riverside Drive Asheville NC, 28801

The menu will be

Pulled Pork
Chopped Beef Brisket
Mashed Sweet Taters
Sweet Vinegar Coleslaw
Collard Greens
RC Cola Products/Sweet Tea/Unsweetend Tea

There will be a cash bar available as well.  If you have any
grumblings/comments/concerns, please feel free to let me know and I'll see
what I can do.