code4libcon is about here, yay!

I'm kinda in a fitness craze right now, and will be doing some  
training in Asheville.

Monday night, 6:30pm, I'm going to the CrossFit Asheville gym -
I contacted them and they said that was a good time to come.  I'll  
likely go back on Wednesday night at the same time.  (dunno if they'll  
charge some fee, though).  There were a couple of folks that mentioned  
interest, and I can carpool up to 3 others.  If you've never done it  
before, now's not the time to start and I'm sure they'll only let  
experienced folks partake, but I imagine those curious about the  
insanity are welcome to spectate.

Jogging - what say folks up for runs meet in the hotel lobby at 6:30am  
any day next week.  I'm game for a relatively short run (2-3 miles)  
both Monday and Wednesday.  I fleshed out a daily signup on the wiki.   
If it's too cold or treacherous out, I'll just hit the treadmill or  
rowing machine if they have it.

I'm still debating how many pushups folks must do at the Black Belt  
preconference, and which kata to teach ;)