Do we also need to fill out any info on the Rideshare page?

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> Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 1:29 PM
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Code4Lib Van service to and from the 
> Asheville Airport
> Code4Lib conference attendees:
> Since the price of taxi service from the airport is pretty 
> steep (I've heard $40 taxi ride one way), the WCU and ASU 
> libraries are looking at ways to help.  We are planning to 
> provide a limited van shuttle service for the Code4Lib 
> conference coming and going to the Asheville airport. (We 
> need a good name...perhaps the Air2Hot Van)  We now have 
> access to two minivans that can hold maximum of 6 passengers 
> with their bags per trip.
> A Asheville Airport to Hotel Van Manifest has been drafted 
> for the van loads based on flight information provided by 
> attendees on the Rideshare wiki. Check out 
> Van_Manifest  to see what we have created.  In addition, we 
> are requesting that passengers wanting to use this service 
> provide us with their email and cell phone information so we 
> can contact you directly.  Please send this information to 
> [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> 
> to confirm your spot.  We will update the "confirmed" column 
> in the table so you know we have received it.
> We only have a limited space on these two vans so make sure 
> your information is correct.  Please check both your flight 
> arrival and departure times.
> We hope to provide a ride for everyone to/from the airport 
> that needs it but only for Sunday-Friday.  We suspect that 
> there might be many more attendees needing rides during this 
> period then have currently signed up for on the wiki. We will 
> attempt to accommodate all those that have signed up but we 
> only have the two vans and it's an hour and a half roundtrip 
> to the hotel.  Priority will be given to those how have 
> already signed up right now.  We will do our best with anyone 
> who adds their info after this message is sent out.  First 
> check out the table to see what spots we have left in the 
> current load runs.
> If the van is filled or doesn't currently run during your 
> needed time slot, please add your information to the bottom 
> of the rideshare page 
> .  We 
> will look to see if we can accommodate your requests in our 
> schedule.  Please don't add loads to the manifest document 
> yourself. We will monitor the rideshare list and add runs as 
> we are able.  Email me directly if you have any questions.
> We are working with the Guest Services and Ground 
> Transportation Desk at the Asheville Airport baggage claim 
> area to coordinating the pickup location for our vans.  More 
> information about this will be forthcoming directly to your 
> provided email and cell phone info.
>  Looking forwards to seeing you all in person.   Feedback is welcome.
> Jill Ellern
> Local Organizing Committee (and Air2Hot? Cruise Director)
> Code4Lib Conference 2010