Thanks for all your work on this, folks.

How about adding this to the options:

Airport Bus Schedule:

Asheville has a bus that goes to the Airport, and their Transit Center isn't
too far from the hotel, about 1.4 miles walking:,+Ashevill

There seems to be a bus that goes fairly close to the hotel, towards the
Transit Center.

Buses seem to be about $1.00.

(I'm listed for a 10AM shuttle on Thursday, but I'll miss events and sit at
the airport until 4PM if I do that. So I wouldn't mind sharing a taxi also
if the bus is unworkable.)

On 2/17/10 6:56 PM, "Jill Ellern" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hey Code4Lib attendees,
> Well I spend another day in Excel Hell seeing if we could squeeze anymore van
>  I'm sad to say, we could only add one van load to the list and it's early
> one..  I am very sad about it. ( But this does leave 4 slots open for those
> that want to leave extra check it out to see if you want to do
> this...)
> We could really use 3 vans to get all the folks that seems to want to make
> that trip to the airport at same time on Thursday... But we don't.  Sorry...
> :(
> Only thing I can do to help is recommend the following folks get together to
> see if they can share taxis or rides.
> Based on my calculation...I recommend that:
> Marquez, Stethers, Lamm, and Young see what they can do to share a ride at
> 12:15 pm on Thursday...
> Barrera, James, Rockliff, Reiss and Rochkind see what they can do to share a
> ride at 2:00 pm on Thursday...
> Hellman, Classen-Wilson, and Kome see what they can do to share a ride at 2:30
> pm on Thursday....
> And Gong, Ou, and Atzberger see what they can do to share a ride at 3:30 pm on
> Thursday.
> The rest is up to you...
> I'm going to look tomorrow to see if we can add a late run on Monday (I think
> I see a possibility there with those folks with a "-" in the ride share list
> last column...)
> Jill