Never experienced any problem with FogBugz sending email.
Mail integration is fabulous. Ofcourse you can send email notifications,
but it also accepts mails and automatically creates cases from them. It
can even learn to categorize these cases as belonging to certain
projects and also uses bayesian filtering to detect spam.
You can send an email from a case and replies will automatically be
linked to this case.
If you send an email to fogBugz it will be added to the case when it
finds the case number preceded by the word 'case' in the subject. It is
certainly useful to try it out. We run the mono version of FogBugz on
Linux, but you can ofcourse use the windows version or use it as a
hosted service at fogcreek.
I am beginning to sound like a salesperson. Should ask CEO Joel Spolsky
for a bonus.
Anyway, we are very pleased with it.


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> FogBugz seems really fabulous.  In my previous career as a QA 
> engineer, my team was planning to try it out, but our employer went 
> out of business before we had a chance to pilot it.

Is FogBugz able to send RFC-conformant emails?  The only supplier I've
met that used it hadn't got it to sent good emails, so they got
spam-filtered far too often, so we changed supplier.

Our co-op uses RT, but not in a very visible-to-clients way.

Hope that helps,
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