I have been using a resource that takes advantage of the html5 offline
storage capabilities of the iPod/iPhone version of Safari to install
itself as a standalone jQuery Reference app that is current with
jQuery 1.4. I think it has the capability to update itself after
installation too.

I don't know if it works on other smartphones or not but I imagine
that you could reference it online, even if it wasn't possible to
install it.

As far as a favorite, I like the jQuery UI Tab plugin


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> This doesn't answer the question; more I just want to point out for anyone else learning jQuery that I've found the API reference at to be helpful. It's only 1.2.6, but I've used the information with 1.3 successfully so far.
> Mike Hagedon
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] favorite jQuery plugins for libraries?
> Hi all,
> I'm on a mission to finally learn some jQuery, and I'm kind of falling in love with it. In particular, I'm finding in it the perfect tool for modifying our OPAC in ways that the catalog vendor never intended, tweaking the DOM to my heart's content.
> Having worked my way through the basics of the language (I'm using the "Learning jQuery" book, which is a good introduction but has a nearly-useless index) I'm curious about the vast array of jQuery plugins. There are too many to know, and reading the descriptions it is not immediately apparent to me what they do.
> So I ask those of you who use jQuery: Do you have favorites, or ones that you find particularly relevant to the kind of work that we do? ("The kind of work that we do" varies quite a bit, but still...) The only one I've really explored so far is the dataTables plugin, which I will be keeping in mind for future applications.
> Nicole: your "Library Mashups" book is next on my list; I'm looking forward to it.
> joys,
> Ken