I have the $, but I like a good fight... yer really causing a conflict
for me... ;)

Can I pay in pennies?


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] 12 Bones: Paying, Getting There, Menu, and Pre-Event
Cash Bar

Hello All,

The final cost of the 12 Bones BBQ Excursion will be $18 per person.
cost went up a bit based on market value for the meat.  If this is too
for you blood, feel free to remove your name from the list and move up
first person on the waitlist.
I've also added information to the wiki about getting there, menu, and a
pre-event cash bar.  I would include all of that here, but then the
would be really long.

You can pay via one of two methods:

*Pay in Advance via Credit Card / PayPal*
I have created a PayPal button if you need to use a credit card.  You
have a PayPal account in order to use this method (it takes 2 minutes to
create and add your card).  Bear in mind that if you go with this method
you'll *actually be charged $18.83* since PayPal charges me
2.29%($18.00) +
$0.30 whenever someone uses a credit card, so I'm passing that cost on
you (i know, i'm cheap).  You'll get a lovely receipt from PayPal at the
of the transaction and I'll check you off of my list.  When you get to
door of 12 Bones, you'll give me your name and I'll let you in so you
stuff your face full of BBQ.  You can find the payment page here:
Pay at the Door with CASH*
Technically this is the cheaper method.  You show up, hand me your
$18.00 *in
cash*.  Remember, I am not a bank therefore I do not accept credit cards
checks at the door, *cash only.*  I will then check your name off of the
list, hand you a receipt and we all walk away happy.  * *Did I mention I
will take *cash only* at the door?  Okay good.

*If you refuse to pay via one of these two methods, I'll throw you out
your ear.  This will provide entertainment for everyone at the BBQ since
only 5' 2" and you're most likely taller than me.  But don't
me, I'm feisty and I had a big brother that was twice my size.